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Dual Cat
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We love Game Retention, User Acquisition, Monetisation and Store Optimisation.

Recent Success

Would You Rather


+5 Millions
#1 Games France, Belgium during weeks
#5 Trivia Games in +50 countries

Game Creators

Without marketing and user acquisition it’s hard to reach top store rankings...
+1000 new games each month on the store !
user acquisition
  • We invest money in your Game Marketing
  • We manage your User Acquisition
  • We create hundreds of ad creatives
  • We push your game to Top Store Rankings
  • We manage Ad Networks Mediation
  • We deals with Ad Networks
Dual Cat gives us the opportunity to focus
on what we love to do : creating games
Camille & Jeremie
Founders Primitive Factory, formers Ubisoft
+10 Game studios and Indie Developpers work with us !


Best Party Games

Paper Plane

Created by Primitive Factory

Kitten Up!

Created by Honey Poney

Would You Rather

Next Color!

Created by Captainly

For How Much

feat Pierre Croce


feat Pierre Croce

Don't Let It Fall

Created by Primitive Factory

Never Have I Ever

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