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Created from all around the world

Would you rather...?

“headhache dilemnes”
"Tu préfères?"(Would you rather...?) is a (french) application suggesting headache questions,
for exemple : Do you prefer loosing an arm or a leg ?
When you click on your choice, you see the average clicks for each answer.

Started in Septembre 2012. More than 400 000 downloads. It has been the TOP 5 French App on iOS during several days.


“TicTacToe revisited. More Strategic”

2-player game played on board strategy created with David Cohen

It revisits the famous game of TicTacToe, but with more strategy and more fun

Released January 2015

Never have I ever

“key application for party”

It helps users to play the party game "Never have I ever".
After 200 000 downloads, the first version of this app has been suspended by Google because it was "too sexy". Now a second softer version of the mobile app has been deployed and the sexy version of the game is still avalaible on the website.

Started Septembre 2010 with Bastien and Léa.
More than +200 000 downloads, +2000 "Never have I ever" sentences posted by users.


“much more than a selfie”

Dailyme app helps you to take a shoot of yourself, everyday. Make it a habit and enjoy looking back at what yesterday was made of.

Started Septembre 2013, with the help of Léa and Laure-Anne

Cheers Santé Prost

“Say Cheers in every language”

With this application you can find more than 100 ways of saying "Cheers". For each language, different ways of toasting are described. The mean and the phonetic translation of each expression are indicated.
A new excuse to raise a glass ;)

Started in November 2014.


“Your name with the first written phonetic alphabet”

Developped for Charly Bechara. He wanted to create this app for the birth of his son.

AlPhoenix translates your name written in the Latin alphabet to the Phoenician alphabet.
Your Phoenician name is written on a typical Phoenician ship sail. After you have created your Phoenician name, you can save the image in your gallery and share it with your friends.

Developped in February 2014.

Team & Contributors

Dual Cat Studio exists thanks to

Alexandre aminot

Founder & Dev

Bastien Siebman

Contributor : Business - Communication

Mainly helped in the first web app of Never have I ever. History here (fr)

Léa Anoufa

Contributor : Web Designer

Mainly helped in the first web app of Never have I ever and Daily me. Color and design enthusiast

Laure-anne Puijalon

Contributor: Designer - Drawer

Always behind some logo or UI/UX. Mainly helped in Daily me. Awesome infography here

David Cohen

Oxomium Co-Founder & Android Developer

Developed more than the half of the Android Application OXOmium.

The contributors are people who contributed or still contribute on some applications of the studio.

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