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Best trivia games that make you happy and think

Would you rather...?

“headhache guaranteed”

Contains +1000 headache questions, for exemple : Do you prefer loosing an arm or a leg ?
You choice then you see the average clicks for each answer.

Since 2012.
It has been the TOP 1 App on iOS in France, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Never have I ever

“key application for party”

Contains +1200 Soft & Hot questions to play the famous party game "Never have I ever" !

+500 000 downloads.
Started Septembre 2010 with Bastien and Léa.

Dual Cat Friends

Created with our best friends


“A choice often implies a second one!”

Created feat the famous french Youtuber Pierre Croce.

+300 000 downloads.
Released in Dec 2017

Dual Cat Lab

Exploring the world of Apps


“Cinema Blindtest”

Anglish is a (french) application where a GrandMa is passionated by the cinema but has some memory troubles. The player has to help her to find the film's titles.

10% of the revenue are passed on to the French Fondation for the research on Alzheimer.

Released in May 2017

Guess The Price

“Do you know the cost of living?”

10 seconds! This is the time you have to find the right price for each item! This game will challenge you on your knowledge of the cost of living!

Released in December 2016
It has been Featured by Pierre Croce on Youtube


“TicTacToe revisited. More Strategic”

2-player game played on board strategy created with David Cohen

It revisits the famous game of TicTacToe, but with more strategy and more fun

Released January 2015


“much more than a selfie”

Dailyme app helps you to take a shoot of yourself, everyday. Make it a habit and enjoy looking back at what yesterday was made of.

Started Septembre 2013, with the help of Léa and Laure-Anne

Team & Contributors

Dual Cat Studio exists thanks to

Alexandre Aminot


Gary Cohen


Bastien Siebman

Contributor : Business - Communication

Mainly helped in the first web app of Never have I ever. History here (fr)

Léa Anoufa

Contributor : Web Designer

Mainly helped in the first web app of Never have I ever and Daily me. Color and design enthusiast

Laure-anne Puijalon

Contributor: Designer - Drawer

Always behind some logo or UI/UX. Mainly helped in Daily me. Awesome infography here

David Cohen

Oxomium Co-Founder & Android Developer

Developed more than the half of the Android Application OXOmium.

The contributors are people who contributed or still contribute on some applications of the studio.


Always looking for rock stars to entertain the world with us!

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